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#21 Tracy G on Lessons Learned from Sway in the Morning & Jay-Z, Becoming a Personality with a “P,” Meaningful Influence & The Future of Radio

Tracy G. is a well-rounded individual to say the least!

On the professional side, she is a co-host on Sirius XM’s Sway in the Morning. She has had hosting, commentary, voiceover and correspondence opportunities with: Conde Nast, MTV, MTV2, VH1, BET, Essence LIVE, Andy Cohen, Fuse and REVOLT.

Before radio, she worked as a full-time editor at VIBE and have written for publications such as: Marie Claire, Rolling Stone, Essence, Complex and many more.

On the personal side, she is a Scorpio whose interests include a deep love of affirmations, real conversations about the pursuit of inner & outer wellness, human behavior, supporting women, and achieving balance.

We really covered a lot of ground with this interview. On this episode, we talk:

  • -Tracy’s journey from fashion to journalism to radio & her own brand
  • -What it would take to get her to promote a detox tea
  • -What Sway & Jay-Z have in common
  • -Who her favorite celebrity interviews have been and why
  • -How she’s building a loyal following online
  • -The future of radio
  • -A candid convo about influence (and so much more!)


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