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#40 Jess Keys of the Golden Girl Blog on Making Style Blogging a Business (Part 2)

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Welcome to Part 2 of my interview with blogger Jess Keys (Click here for Part 1). Jess is founder & editor of The Golden Girl, a lifestyle blog for millennial women to leave them feeling inspired rather than inadequate. Jess has accomplished the VERY difficult feat of making blogging a full time job.
In Part One, we covered everything from how Jess got into blogging, to how she narrowed her niche and her audience, her content & distribution process, and how she uses SEO, Pinterest & Instagram to drive traffic.
On Part Two, we hit topics like monetization, collaborations, affiliate marketing and more. It is incredibly hard to make a full time living from a blog and Jess really goes into detail on how she did it.
Jess also has a “side hustle” with her blogger friend, Blair of The Fox and She, called they post helpful content and online courses to help bloggers turn their hobbies into hustles.
As a bonus, Blogging4Keeps and I are working on a blogging branding worksheet for you. I’ll be adding the link to the shownotes when it’s ready and I’ll share the url in next week’s episode
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