My name is Brittany Krystle. I am a personal branding & social growth expert, as well as the host of the Beyond Influential podcast. (I am also a non-practicing lawyer).

I work with business and creative thought leaders, executives, and industry influencers to help them achieve their personal and professional goals through brand direction and social content strategy. I fell in love with personal branding during my time on Gary Vaynerchuk’s brand team (Team Garyvee), as well as the personal branding arm of VaynerMedia (VaynerTalent). Other notable personal brands I have consulted include Tom Bilyeu (Quest Nutrition/ Impact Theory), Bonin Bough (one of the youngest C-Suite executives in Fortune 50 history), Danika Brysha (IMG Models), and Marie Forleo (B-School).

Brittany Krystle