How (Not) to Pack for a Trip

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my messy suitcase

Honesty and self-awareness are important:

1. I’m not good at packing.

2. I can be “a tad” high maintenance at times.

I am not perfect and do not have travel down to a science. I overpack consistently. I’m not here to tell you I can roll all my clothes up in perfect symmetrical balls that fit perfectly into a carry on. I don’t even own an appropriately sized carry on (it’s on my list!). I can’t get by for 10 weeks with only one shirt, one pair of pants, a sensible shoes and a scarf that can double as a jacket, hat, canteen or other magical item to survive.

That stuff matters and it doesn’t matter. Despite my lack of packing skills or appropriate baggage, I haven’t let that stop me from going places and seeing things. At the same time, I am trying to improve my skills so I don’t waste time that could be used productively and it’s just better for everyone if I don’t have to lug a huge bag around or ask for help carrying things (my largest suitcase would likely not fit in a small European car).

Current suitcase (Yes, this is actually mine):

my messy suitcase

What I hope to achieve:

Unattainable suitcase


Realistic goal: Something in the middle! 🙂