Kylie Lip Kit Review: Worth The Money?

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kylie jenner packaging

These Kylie Lip Kits were an interesting purchase for me to make because up until now I have rarely purchased lip related items. Most mornings, I’ll do a full face of makeup and then use petroleum jelly to moisturize my lips before I run out the door. No lipstick, no lip stains, no liquid lip.

Why am I so basic with my lips?

It’s usually not worth it for me to invest in pricey lip colors for a couple of reasons. One: I lose them. Lip products are like hair ties or socks to me. No matter how hard I try to keep them all in one place or how many I buy in bulk, I am going to end up losing some, most, or all of them. It’s a fact of life for me so why spend a lot of money on something I know I’ll lose.

The second reason I usually don’t buy lipsticks or anything with pigment for my lips has to do with the eating and drinking factor. On my way to work, I stop at Starbucks and then anything that was on my mouth ends up on my coffee cup instead. I don’t want to have to worry about reapplying and touching up all the time. As high maintenance as I am, I like my process during the day to be as low maintenance as possible because I have other things to worry about.

The third reason is related to the second. Depending on which lip color you are wearing, it can look really awful when it’s half on. It’s just not a cute look.

After all my grinch-like thoughts on lip color, I’m still open to trying new things. Enter the Kylie Lip Kit. After watching a bunch of my favorite beauty bloggers give these kits positive reviews and putting a little bit of faith in the dream that liquid lip technology means color stays on, I decided to try them.

A Note on Kylie Jenner & The Kardashians

I love the Kardashians. I just do. I’m from Calabasas and they are the closest thing to having a hometown team. I appreciate smart business people. Whatever my feelings are on her product, for better or for worse, Kylie has rung in a new era of people caring about lip color. Tons of new lip products are rolling out on every cosmetics line and I do think she is to thank for a chunk of that. Congrats Kylie!

Obtaining the Product

After finally committing to the idea of buying them, the lip kits were all sold out when I went to her site. I wanted these so badly as soon as I saw I couldn’t just have them. Its ridiculous how hard it is to get her products, but also amazing how much scarcity increases the perceived value.

I saw she had restocked a few days later and I bought the Koko K, Exposed, and Dolce K Lip Kits, as well as two glosses and a lip liner. Considering you get both the color and the pencil, $29 each did not feel a huge ripoff. At a time when e-commerce has embraced free shipping or coupon codes for free shipping, Kylie charges $8.95 for shipping in the US. The shipping charge is something I’ve noticed pointed out by reviewers and I definitely noticed when I was paying. It’s obviously not slowing down sales, but would it be a nice thing to waive, yes.

When they arrived, I was super excited to try them. I contained myself and did one a day.

my Kylie haul

The Review

Koko K

This was the first one I tried. The pencil glided on smoothly and then I put on the liquid lip. It was much more pink than I anticipated and honestly didn’t apply as well as I had hoped. It settled in the lip lines and just never full dried. The good, it looked fine after I went over it again and it wasn’t sticky. The bad, it dried unevenly and did not last. I wasn’t expecting miracles from a celebrity produced lip color, but it was still kind of a let down.

KoKo K

KoKo K

koko k

It’s pretty pink

Dolce K + Exposed

I had heard that the lip kits weren’t always consistent in terms of quality. This turned out to be true. I had a much better experience with Exposed and Dolce K. Both of these formulas actually applied evenly, dried, and stayed on for a longer period of time. I liked how the colors looked with my makeup and it redeemed my faith in Kylie’s line. My favorite is Dolce K and I think the best one for my skin tone. After having my expectations lowered, these ones brought them back up.

Dolce K

Dolce K



If you can get yours hands on a color you’d like to try, I’d say go for it. I would be interested in trying other colors and cosmetics Kylie puts out (I’m interested in trying some KyShadow palettes… sold out of course). With so much press surrounding her line, I expect she’ll try to keep the quality as high as she can. Buying these lip kits has actually inspired me to try out some other brands and see how those compare. I would buy from Kylie again, but for the pain of waiting for her to restock and then competing for a limited amount, I’d prefer to find equal or even better dupes at similar price points.

*Has anyone else tried any of Kylie’s lip products? Any other liquid lip recommendations?*

  • Liz

    I feel the same way you do about the Kardashians. They are smart business women and I find them fascinating.