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#12 Puno on Instagram Growth, Instagram Strategy, Instagram Influencers & All Things Instagram

This is an all things Instagram episode! There’s no way of putting this lightly, Puno is truly an Instagram growth master. Puno organically grew her @madewithmap account from 0 to 80,000 in one year (it’s over 100K now) with no “experience”. Their hashtag #finditliveit has been used over 3.3 million times. She has gone on to found PeopleMap, an Instagram marketing tool. As well as create an Instagram course based on her “Mine+Grind” growth strategy.

Puno is completely transparent about what works to grow an account on Instagram and we dig into all of the details! In this episode, we talk growth, strategy, influencers, hashtags, the algorithm and anything else you might want to know about Instagram.



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