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#14 Nico Becerra on Why the Law Matters for Influencers, Creatives, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

*** Disclaimer, this episode is not legal advice.

Nico Becerra, Esq. is a lawyer and business consultant based in San Diego. He works with creatives, influencers, and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into well-built businesses. Prior to becoming a lawyer, he was an operations manager for a business. Here, he helped take it from 25 employees and $3 million in revenue/yr to 100+ employees and $10 million/yr. Nico Becerra was also a professional surfer and not what people would consider as your typical “lawyer.”

On this Episode with Nico Becerra:

On this episode, we talk about some of the most popular questions influencers, creators, and entrepreneurs need to ask when they think about the actual business side of what they do. We talk about brand contracts and forming a corporation. What to do if a client doesn’t pay, when you need a lawyer and more!

I believe there’s a lot of education lacking in the market when it comes to what creatives, entrepreneurs, and influencers need to know in order to protect themselves as a business and to actually build and scale themselves out into real businesses. This is something I am very passionate about because I don’t think most people are adequately equipped with this kind of knowledge. A lot of creatives and influencers I know get so excited to get the brand deal or the client who agrees to work with them that they don’t think about the bigger picture, the potential downsides, or read the fine print. I will be working on sharing what I learn so you don’t have to find out the hard way.

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