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#32 Brittany Krystle & Mikhail Alfon on Building a Personal Brand & Influencer Marketing The Right Way

Building a Personal Brand - brittany krystle mikhail alfon

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Mikhail Alfon is the CEO of Blue Light Media, a full-service digital agency in Orange County, and also the host of A Day in the Life Podcast. If you ever wondered what it’s like to be friends with me or what I talk about in my free time, it’s honestly topics related to personal branding, influencers, and the social space.

Mikhail and I have some awesome conversations and we decided to record one of them for his podcast. Not only did I enjoy the conversation, but there were so many valuable takeaways & insights around building a personal brand and influencers that I had to share it with my audience too!


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*FREEBIE: For those who don’t know, I’ve been hot on building brand on LinkedIn for pretty much every industry. If you haven’t been on LinkedIn in a while or if you just haven’t updated your profile, I created a free checklist to make sure you’re up to date and answering the right questions with your LinkedIn bio. You can get it at


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