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#39 Jess Keys of the Golden Girl Blog on Making Style Blogging a Business (Part 1)

#39 Jess Keys of the Golden Girl Blog on Making Style Blogging a Business (Part 1)

Introducing Jess Keys of The Golden Girl:

Jess Keys is the founder and editor of The Golden Girl, a real-life, down to earth blog for the millennial woman trying to live her best life. From style tips to make you feel confident instead of self-conscious, to beauty tips to help you glow from the inside out, and real-life advice on well, pretty much everything else. Above all, it’s Jess‘ #1 goal to ensure her readers leave feeling inspired rather than inadequate.

Jess also has a “side hustle” with her blogger friend, Blair of The Fox and She, called where they post helpful content and online courses to help bloggers turn their hobbies into hustles.

I first heard of Jess through Jordan Bosstick, founder of InfluencerSEO, who was my guest on Episode 25 where we talked SEO and Pinterest for influencers and bloggers. If you are interested in Pinterest, Jordan and I created free Pinterest checklist that you can grab at

Jess added so much value that I decided to break her interview into TWO parts. Here’s what you can expect from part 1.

Interview With Jess Keys of The Golden Girl: Part 1

In this episode, we cover everything from how Jess got into blogging, to how she narrowed her niche and her audience. We also dive deep into the which content platforms are the best for bloggers, plus everything you need to know about her content creation & distribution processes. Specifically, how Jess uses SEO and Pinterest to drive traffic.

Next week, part 2 goes live!

Check back because we’ll hit topics like blog monetization, collaborations, affiliate marketing, & more… the list goes on :).

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