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#45 Melissa Wood Health on Tapping into Your Passion & Staying Unfiltered in an Instagram World

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Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is the founder of the MWH method, a certified yoga and pilates instructor, meditator, a proponent of plant based diets, and most importantly a mom of almost two. Melissa regularly creates health & wellness content for a VERY devoted audience online.

While the wellness influencer space is saturated with perfectly curated feeds, what’s interesting about Melissa’s brand is that she prefers to share her journey unfiltered, from her photos to her personal struggles to get to this point. She has been open about her journey from severe anxiety to an awful eating disorder and her abuse of Adderall. Those are heavy topics that I think are important to discuss and I commend Melissa for using her influence to help de-stigmatize those them.

On this episode, we cover:
  • -How Melissa discovered her passion & the journey to making it a scalable business (and how to find yours if you don’t know!)
  • -How she stopped comparing herself to others on Instagram 
  • -Melissa’s brand: her 3Ms, her target audience, her content process, influencer marketing, collabs & more!


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