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#5 Alexander Taub, CEO of SocialRank, on How Big Brands, Agencies, & Influencers Find Their Most Valuable Social Media Followers.

Do you ever wonder how big brands (like L’Oreal, Southwest Airlines, the NBA, GE), agencies, or celebrities learn more about their social media followers and also those of their competitors?

Alexander Taub of SocialRank

Alex Taub (@ajt) is the co-founder and CEO of SocialRank, a powerful tool that allows large brands, agencies, and influencers analyze their followings on Instagram and Twitter (and likely do even more soon!). Alex is also an advisor to early stage tech companies, a Forbes contributor, and an author (“Pitching & Closing: Everything You Need to Know About Business Development, Partnerships, and Making Deals That Matter”).

On this episode, we talk about how brands, agencies, and influencers are using SocialRank to stay competitive, whether the influencer space is one that Instagram and other platforms are actually embracing, how he built his networking to be one person away from anyone he wanted to know in the tech community, and so much more.

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Learn more about SocialRank, visit HERE.

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