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5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need to Build Their Personal Brands on LinkedIn

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need to Build Their Personal Brands on LinkedIn

Does LinkedIn make you think of resumes, HR, recruiters, spammy sales, or even the dreaded flashback of your corporate job? I wouldn’t blame you if it’s a social media platform you’ve been actively avoiding. These are all the things we intentionally left behind when we started our own businesses, right?

But here’s what most people don’t realize: LinkedIn is not just a place to put your resume or for those seeking a corporate job anymore. This platform is changing, and it’s changing fast! LinkedIn is now one of my favorite platforms for entrepreneurs to grow their personal brands and businesses. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk about 5 results that my entrepreneurial students and I have achieved by strategically building our personal brands on LinkedIn.

But first, why LinkedIn?

With 700+ million users and a very friendly algorithm, LinkedIn can be your golden ticket for growing your business—it’s the easiest, most efficient way to build a personal brand online that grows your business, no matter what your business is. If you have a business or you are wanting to start one, you are leaving money and opportunity on the table by not taking advantage of LinkedIn.

5 realistic results from building your personal brands on LinkedIn

Here are REAL results that I, my clients, and my students have achieved using LinkedIn. (And I am confident that you can do this too!)

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need to Build Their Personal Brands on LinkedIn1. Land your dream clients

When you build your personal brand on LinkedIn and establish yourself as the expert in your field or niche, you are literally opening the virtual doors for your dream clients to step right in. I’m talking about the high-quality, high-ticket dream clients that are amazing and super fun to work with. These are the clients that actually pay you what you’re worth and never want to let you go!

2. Get a steady stream of ideal customers & consumers

With a strong personal brand that clearly shows what you do and who you serve, you can attract never-ending inquiries to work with you or learn from you. Not only are you landing dream clients, but these same clients are referring you to other dream clients on LinkedIn. You are receiving a constant stream of the right customers and the right content consumers that want to hear what you have to say.

For me, this steady stream looked like podcast subscribers, email subscriptions, and website traffic.

3. Receive public speaking invitations

With your increased brand awareness on the platform, you might start receiving public speaking invitations. When you’ve established your expertise and positioned yourself as an authority in your industry, it’s no surprise people want to give you the opportunity to speak on stages, panels, and keynotes as a thought leader in your space. (This is not just for established entrepreneurs with years of experience—I’ve seen it at all levels!)

Now, this might look a little different in today’s climate as more virtual conferences and virtual panels are taking place instead of in-person events, but the opportunity for connection and networking is still there and still very powerful on LinkedIn.

4. Brand partnership inquiries (yes, on LinkedIn!)

This one might be surprising, but yes, there are LinkedIn influencers. Just like on Instagram or YouTube or Facebook or even Tik Tok, LinkedIn influencers are around and happening. Now brands are paying attention to the endless possibility on LinkedIn. If you’re looking to work with a brand for collaborations and partnerships, LinkedIn is great place to connect with them.

I have signed brand deals and worked with affiliates after connecting with brands on LinkedIn. And you know what I didn’t have to do? Fight to compete for their attention on Instagram. Why compete with everyone else if you don’t have to?

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need to Build Their Personal Brands on LinkedIn5. Interview requests & networking opportunities

When you build a personal brand on LinkedIn, you will get plenty of quality visibility. This can include podcast interview requests to thought leadership opportunities to invitations to contribute to major publications, and more.

Are you starting to see why LinkedIn is THE place to be right now?

What building a personal brand on LinkedIn has given me

My personal brand has skyrocketed since I optimized it on LinkedIn. Pretty much everything I wanted for my business came from building a brand on this social media platform. (And this all happened with less effort than any other platform.) I’ve achieved more freedom, more income, more impact, and established authentic, real-life relationships just from LinkedIn!

And in case you’re wondering… these results are not uncommon. I’m not special here. I’ve seen my clients and countless students receive massive results from using LinkedIn strategically, and it can work just as well for you.

So what does this mean for you?

Right now, LinkedIn is the easiest place to grow your brand and business online. When used the right way, you’ll attract your ideal audience and dream opportunities with less time and effort than anywhere else online. So if your goals are lead generation, brand awareness, visibility, thought leadership, you name it… It’s 100% possible for you to achieve them by strategically using LinkedIn.

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