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#51 Why I Quit Law, Career Happiness & What I Would Have Told Myself at 20

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I’m baaaaaacck – and this is a solo episode!

So I had some Q&A around my journey planned for today but that’s more questions about entrepreneurship and Gary that now I’ll do in the next few weeks instead because I was really inspired by something that happened this week. What I want to talk about is actually journey related, but it’s around quitting law and those conversations.

I had the honor of speaking this week to Professor Niklas Myhr’s Digital marketing class at Chapman University on personal branding and LinkedIn. I spoke last semester and it was an honor to come back this semester. The Professor is known online as “The Social Media Professor”. I actually met him when I was working for Gary in New York when he interned for our team for a week. Not only is he a lovely person, but he really is educated on personal branding and the online space in general.

I want to thank him for inviting me to talk. Which brings me to what we are talking about this week. It’s interesting to me is just how much has not changed with college students in the last 10 years. If you have access to a smart phone and the internet generally, I truly believe there is no better time to be alive from an opportunities standpoint. You can literally create the life you want and you should take advantage of it.

However, I think that message is tougher to deliver when you haven’t had real world experience yet. If I was sitting in that class – how would I have received my own message… And so I wanted to talk about that early part of my journey.. How I knew law wasn’t for me and the tough conversations with myself and others I had to have.

Bottom line: You have to do what it takes to make you happy!

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#51 Why I Quit Law, Career Happiness & What I Would Have Told Myself at 20

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