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#56 Using Videographers to Grow Your Personal Brand & Business with Mason Tompkins

Using Videographers to Grow Your Personal Brand - brittany krystle beyond influential podcast
One of the most common questions I get when it comes to building a personal brand is if it is necessary to hire a videographer specifically for social media and personal brand content. The next question after that is almost always, “How do I find one?”

I have experience now on both sides of the aisle. I worked closely with videographers at VaynerMedia on Team Garyvee, on VaynerTalent, and with my solo personal brand clients. Also, I have now worked closely with videographers for my own personal brand.
That brings me to this week’s interview is with Mason Tompkins, who is a videographer, editor, photographer, and creator. Mason works with corporate and personal brands to create content and he’s currently working with the brand, K-Swiss.
Not only that, but Mason is someone who has actually worked with me through a few different iterations of my business (and he might be the only one who’s done this). We worked together on VaynerTalent, when I was still at Vaynermedia, and we’ve worked together on other clients since then. Mason has also been helping me with some of my own projects for my own brand, and it’s been exciting to have him along for that ride.
This interview was a great honest conversation that gives you a peek at what it’s like behind the scenes as a videographer in this personal brand space.


We talk:
  • Do you need a videographer for your personal brand?
  • Finding & hiring a videographer
  • Videographer pricing
  • Creating the best type of content for your brand
  • The difference working with personal brands vs. brands & more!
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