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#67 Jeff Moors on How to Create Compelling Content & Build a Community That Makes You Put Your Phone Down

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I truly believe there is something to learn from everyone who is influential in their space. My guest this week does something very different from the guests I’ve interviewed so far, but he is incredibly influential and impactful in his space and needs to be in a place of constant creation and connection to do it.

My guest today is Jeff Moors, the young adult pastor at the North Coast Church in Southern California. The church reaches 12,000 people a weekend and Jeff is an expert in his field: communicating and community-building specifically with a millennial audience. He is responsible for creating compelling live content week after week and keeping them coming back for more in a time when it’s harder than ever to stay focused (and off our phones!).

Jeff is also an extremely influential figure and mentor to many, including YouTuber and entrepreneur Sean Cannell who has been a guest on this show. You can take a listen to Sean’s episode here

Note: This episode really is not about religion at all, but I do ask some questions about the business of the church to lay the foundation (and because I was curious!).

We cover:
  • How Jeff became a pastor & his relationship with Christianity
  • The business of Christianity & how the church is evolving in the digital age
  • Christian Stereotypes
  • Jeff’s weekly content process
  • Effective communication: How to improve your communication skills & strategies for diverse audiences
  • How the millennial audience is different from other demos
  • How to create an experience that keeps people coming back & more!
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