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#83 Brittany Krystle on the Power of Podcasting: How to Pitch Guests, Overcoming Challenges & Growing Your Podcast Brand the Right Way

The Power of Podcasting by Brittany Krystle

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: content is powerful. The fastest, simplest, and most effective way to attract an audience, give proof to your credibility, and flex your creative muscles is content creation, and it’s a must in every business – regardless of niche.

There’s a lot of different ways I create content: ranging from blog posts, to social media, to the emails I send out to my mailing list, but my favorite way to create long-form content is through my podcast, Beyond Influential. Not only do I love recording episodes, but the business benefits have been additionally rewarding, which is why I’ve decided to dedicate an entire episode to it.

Podcasting has become increasingly popular which means more and more people have been asking me questions about starting one and how to build their podcast brand the right way. This episode answers some of the most common questions I get, as well as a glimpse behind the scenes of how I approach my podcast strategy.

In this episode, I cover:
  • How to identify the right guests for your podcast niche 
  • How to appropriately pitch the guests you want & how to pitch yourself as a podcast guest (in a way that makes them want to say yes!)
  • The 3 Laws to Podcasting (and branding!)
  • How to grow a podcast community when you’re just getting started (& after you start growing!)
  • The importance of consistent content and how to prepare for when life gets in the way
  • The biggest mistake I’ve ever made while podcasting (and how I got over it!).

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