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Alisha Pennington on How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Build a 7-Figure Business that Dominates a Niche Market

Alisha Pennington with coconut trees on the background

If you’ve ever wondered if you can really be successful when you niche down, you’re going to want to listen to this episode of Beyond Influential.

My guest this week is Alisha Pennington, who has been an entrepreneur for nearly a decade. Moreover, she started her first business, ATvantage, a sports medicine staffing company, in 2012 and grew it to over $1million within 4 years. Also, she’s since hit multi-million in revenue and started two additional businesses, where she and her husband focus on coaching other entrepreneurs looking to start and scale their own businesses.

I really wanted to have Alisha on because her business is different from anyone I’ve had on the show before. She is incredibly influential in the athletic training world and innovative in a space where she really has no competition.

It’s always intimidating to create something that hasn’t been done before—and it can feel safer to create a business that looks like someone else’s—but Alisha is proof that you can successfully build a 7-figure business unlike any other in a niche market and have the time freedom to pursue other interests.

On Ep. 159 with Alisha Pennington , we cover:
  • How she built a 7-figure business with a small team in a niche industry (and why she has no competition!)
  • Athletic trainers: What they do, who they serve, and how they’re different from other practitioners in the sports world
  • The ins and outs of her business including how she got started, mistakes she made, hiring & scaling, and more
  • What’s important when you’re getting started with your business & struggles every business owner encounters
  • Her three steps to overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Dealing with push back for thinking outside of the box in your industry
  • Motherhood and why it doesn’t define her, the importance of personal branding, and more!


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