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Ashlyn Carter on Copy Strategies 7-Figure Earners Use To Make More Sales

Ashlyn Carter on Copy Strategies 7-Figure Earners Use To Make More Sales

Ever wonder how the right words seem to come so effortlessly for some people? You open their emails and you actually want to keep reading… an email! You click on their website and now you want to buy a product or service you didn’t even know you were interested in. (Do you need it?! It doesn’t matter!)

If you’ve ever agonized over writing copy, whether it’s an Instagram caption or a sales page, you know the importance of getting your words right when communicating with your audience. 

You’ve also probably noticed that coming up with the right words isn’t always easy. Here’s the reality: Writing copy that converts is not a skill set that comes naturally to most – they’ve had help, which is why I’m so excited to introduce you to this week’s Beyond Influential guest, launch and conversion copy expert and educator, Ashlyn Carter.

Ashlyn has worked with some of the biggest names in the creative entrepreneur community on their conversion copy – Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Julie Solomon… just to name a few. She is a master in the art and science of crafting copy that gets an audience to buy, taking into account both the emotional and analytical when it comes to moving consumers. 

I loved nerding out with her on this episode! We cover:

  • Her transition from a fast-paced career in PR to creating a business that prioritizes her physical and mental health
  • Niching down & why her business focuses on creative entrepreneurs 
  • Conversion copywriting: What it is and why it’s essential for your business
  • Outsourcing your copy: When’s the right time and what to look at when hiring
  • Is your copy converting? The analytics that matter
  • Writing copy that converts: Tips & strategies on how to approach sales pages, launch copy, your website and more!




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