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Becoming a Best-Selling Author: How to Successfully Market & Promote Your Book with Noel Elie

Noel Elie is the CEO of Noel Elie Productions, which helps her thought-leader clients to amplify their message through publicity and producing sold-out events and retreats. Also, Noel specializes in advising authors on how to leverage their audiences to ultimately become New York Times Best-Selling Authors. Noel has worked with influential individuals and brands like Deepak Chopra, IMG, Gabby Bernstein, Candice Kumai, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and many others. In addition, Noel is also a professional actress and passionate wellness advocate. I’m excited to share our conversation about her unlikely journey into entrepreneurship and how she’s helping authors successfully market and promote their books, so please enjoy this episode with Noel Elie!


On Ep. 164 with Noel Elie, we cover:

  • The necessity of defining boundaries and expectations with clients.
  • How to persevere in the face of adversity, and when to slow down.
  • The significance of human design in Noel’s present healing journey.
  • Also, sharing her journey to become a producer and founding her own business.
  • Overcoming an eating disorder in the modeling world.
  • Also, Noel takes a look at how a book launch campaign works.



3:55 Noel shares her background and beginning as an actress and model.
7:17 Dealing with an eating disorder in the modeling world.
16:44 Noel’s start as an assistant to Gabby Bernstein and what did she learn with Gabby.
21:46 When did Noel decided to become an entrepeneur?
23:02 Relying on someone else to figure out what you are good at
26:46 Noel’s current healing journey and the importance of human design
31:46 Walking through the process of a book launch campaign.
38:59 A few tips for self publishing and establishing a fan base.
48:13 Noel’s favourite events that she produced.
52:15 Also, sharing the importance of establishing boundaries and setting expectations with clients.
54:09 How to keep working through adversities and knowing when to slow down.


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Noel’s Book Recommendations:

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life by Shelley Paxton


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