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Building an Authentic Personal Brand, Pivoting & Trusting Your Gut with Brittany Krystle

Building an Authentic Personal Brand

This week’s episode is an awesome conversation I had with retired Marine Corps Captain Rich Cardona for his podcast, The Leadership Locker. I love that he says starting and growing a business is harder than it was to serve in the United States Marines. We had a great conversation not only during the interview, but also after we finished recording. We really hit it off, and I appreciate how incredibly thoughtful and intentional he is around the integrity of his podcast and it’s an honor to have been a guest on his show. I definitely recommend checking out the Leadership Locker Podcast as well as his recently-started podcast on NFT’s called NFTs for Newbies.  

In this conversation, we chat about all things personal branding and the pivots I’m currently making in my own personal brand and business. 

Building an Authentic Personal Brand, Pivoting & Trusting Your Gut with Brittany Krystle

On Ep. 170, we talk:

  • Tips for building your personal brand: Getting started, content creation, niching down vs. going broad, & keeping it authentic 
  • Important lessons I learned before starting my own business
  • Happiness, sunk cost fallacy, and why you need to listen to your gut 
  • Designing my business around life and not my life around business
  • Why I’m pivoting and going all in on Beyond Influential, and more!


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