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If you own a business (or want to start one) and you are not capitalizing on your personal brand online, you are leaving money and opportunity on the table.

Your personal brand is your business—and the number one thing your business is missing is clarity. It’s not the algorithm, it’s not the hashtags, it’s not a big secret everyone else is keeping from you —it’s that you’re not clearly communicating with your target audience and speaking directly to their pain points.

And each day you’re not, someone else is. Your ideal consumer is whipping out their credit card and punching in their digits to pay that person because your branding and messaging is all over the place. I f you confuse them, you lose them – and it happens even faster online.

You’ve tried to do everything else for your business (I won’t look at the freebie graveyard in your inbox) but nothing has worked to catapult your brand to the level you want to be at.

Right now you’re dealing with the endless struggle of:

I’m going to share something with you that no one else has told you… being multi-passionate might make you interesting, but it’s not going to get you paid.

Stop speaking to everyone and start speaking
specifically to your people.

Being clear is essential to getting the results you want and if you’re not running a booked out business that you love, read on–this is for you. How would your business be different if you could:

Positioning yourself with clarity is the catalyst you need to make this happen. This is the secret to attracting the right people for your brand and selling without the hard sell.

the Clarity Course

A high-value, power-packed course that will catapult your personal brand and help you position yourself in an authentic way that attracts your ideal audience ready to buy whatever you’re selling – your services, programs, products, & offers – no hard sell necessary.

You need to be able to masterfully articulate your value add, magnetize your dream consumers, and create a clear brand framework that ties your name to your niche as a leader in your industry.

The Clarity Course gets you paid by showing you how to leverage your personal brand and own the hell out of it.

personal brand clarity

What’s included inside The Clarity Course:

5 Laser Focused Video Trainings

Taking you from multi-passionate, scattered, and confused why you’re not seeing conversions to running a profitable empire with a clear message and branding that gets you paid.

Value-Packed Workbook

This is where the magic happens! Gain clarity and confidence, and experience breakthroughs as you hone in on your unique positioning, ideal audience, and brand direction that grows your business and generates profits.

Plus High-Value BONUSES

The core content covers everything you need to gain clarity around your personal brand, but why stop there? Use the Live Q+A replay, bonus worksheets and exercises, and my favorite brand clarity resources to help you niche down even more.

the details

Lesson One: Introduction to Personal Brand Clarity

Uncovering everything you need to know about Personal Branding and my methodology for helping you get clear on your brand so you can start seeing massive results in your business.

Lesson Two: Clarity Mindset

Everything you need to know about having the right mindset to own your messaging, branding, and power.

Lesson Three: Getting Clear On Your Brand

Cutting through the noise and answering the most important questions to start seeing results.

Lesson Four: Refining Your Clarity - Part 1

Your brand isn’t clear if you’re not effectively and directly speaking to your audience.

Lesson Four: Refining Your Clarity - Part 2

How I assess brand clarity, examples of clear vs. unclear branding, and refining and evolving your messaging.

The total value of this is well over $2,000 but you’re getting access to my expertise for only a fraction of that price.

These are the exact methods I’ve used to work with some of the biggest personal brands in the online space and grow their influence like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Bilyeu, and Marie Forleo.

Clarity is the secret weapon you need in your corner to…

The Clarity Course is a proven method that takes all the guesswork out of building a successful personal brand. With this exact method, I’ve been able to build a global brand for myself, create a multiple six figure business, work with some of the biggest names in the industry and be seen as the personal branding & growth expert. This program is your blueprint to get clear on…

There’s no better time than now to gain clarity around your brand, cut through the noise, and go from “who are you?” to “where have you been all my life?!”

What Students Are Saying

Brittany Krystle Thank you so much! I honestly couldn't have done it without you. You finally forced me to pick a lane. And I didn't even do all of those bonus exercises yet! LOL! I'm off to do Lesson 4 and then start checking out the bonus resources!

I finally did it! I published the website I have been working on since I started this training, but have been dreaming about since long before then. This program helped me gain the clarity I needed to go in a new direction and build my personal brand around what I'm most passionate about, not necessarily where my career has led me.

Huge thank you to Brittany Krystle and everyone in this group for giving me the push I needed.

I've started the Brand Audit and I'm thoroughly enjoying it, very clarifying! Thank you so much Brittany!

OK, so I've been working on Lesson 2 all week. It's been a hard one for me as I don't currently want to sell on my personal brand - more grow my reputation. BUT I am asking myself the tough questions from the workbook and taking my time to really make sure I am committed to the answers.

Also, the brand audit was eye-opening! I'd never done that for myself and when I was looking objectively I thought "this is just a normal person, she has no authority" - WOW brain blast that got me to my goal above.

*anyways* This long post is to say this lesson is exactly the work I needed!

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Have We Met?

I’m Brittany Krystle, a personal branding & growth expert helping entrepreneurs like you stand out and get paid. Armed with a decade of experience in personal brand strategy and content development, I’ve worked with some of the biggest personal brands to grow their influence like Gary Vaynerchuk, Marie Forleo & Tom Bilyeu, as well as influencers, thought leaders, and executives in a variety of industries.

I’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurial-minded individuals at all levels of their business how to position themselves online to achieve their goal and create a future they want. I’m strategic in my approach to help you leverage your unique experience and voice in a way that’s not only authentic to you, but helps you grow efficiently and effectively.

I’m also the host of the top-rated weekly business and marketing podcast, Beyond Influential, where you can find actionable, no-fluff conversations, tips, and tactics from the experts who have actually walked the walk. And for those of you who are trying to figure it out or currently pivoting–I’m a non-practicing lawyer who graduated, passed the bar, said screw this, and followed my passion–so I get it! 

No matter what you do for a living, your personal brand is your business.

Stop stockpiling freebies and trying to serve everyone.

The possibilities and opportunities you can create for yourself with a strong personal brand are limitless in the online space, so ask yourself this: what’s the one thing you want to be known for?

It’s time to say no to the things that aren’t filling you with joy and start saying hell yes to your people and your gifts.



plus 2 additional monthly payments of $97

(regularly 4 x $79)




(regularly $297)



Thousands of dollars have already gone to your competitors since you started reading this page. Are you ready to get clear and get paid?

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