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Clubhouse 101: The Basics, Best Practices & Tips You Need to Know with Brian Fanzo and Scott Martin

Want to know more about the most buzzed-about social media platform right now? 

So, if you haven’t heard of Clubhouse, the drop-in audio app is arguably the hottest platform at the moment. It’s currently invite-only and iOS-only. But they are working on the Android version and plan on opening it up to everyone in the near future. Still, Clubhouse has been growing rapidly. It is quickly gaining the attention of a who’s-who of entrepreneurs, celebrities, investors, athletes, you name it. 

Also, the founders are really paying attention to the user experience. Moreover, they have been offering a lot of transparency in the development and plans for the platform. For example, they have frequent town halls where they update users on what’s new, what they’re working on and more. 

Above all, social apps change a lot. So, if you’re interested in how social media platforms grow and evolve (and listen to their user base!), this is a great case study to keep your eye on!

Meanwhile, as of the time of recording this episode, Clubhouse is rolling out Payments, their first monetization feature for creators on the platform, which is currently in Beta. However, I find this particularly interesting because 100% of the payment will go to the creator with Clubhouse taking no cut at all, and they say this will be the first of many features that will allow creators to get paid directly on Clubhouse. Also, the co-founders have been very vocal about building a platform that puts creators first and are aligning their business model to help creators make money and thrive on the platform. 

Also, Clubhouse also plans to make several changes to increase personalization of the app. These include tweaking the Activity feed, more control over push notifications, a personalized list of suggested rooms that appear on-screen when you first open the app, and more. 

This week’s Beyond Influential has been highly requested and is dedicated to talking basics, best practices, and what you need to know about this platform. 

Moreover, I’m excited to share this episode with you, where I have a candid conversation with two of my favorite Clubhouse creators and collaborators, Brian Fanzo and Scott Martin. Though they’ll introduce themselves in the episode, but you might remember Brian from Beyond Influential Ep. 47 and Ep. 48 on How to Build an Authentic Community That Gets Business Results.

Meanwhile, if you listened to Ep. 125 on The Best Advice on How to Build an Influential Personal Brand Online, you might remember Scott from the clip taken from my interview on his Groundswell Marketing Podcast on Why Intentionality and Clarity are Essential to Personal Brand Marketing. Likewise, Scott and I had the pleasure of meeting and hitting it off after his wife, Jill, who is one of my incredible LinkedIn Laws students and success stories (she 4x’d her monthly take home in the first month of implementing the course!), had told him about me. 

While I’ve known both Brian and Scott for a while now, I can really credit Clubhouse with bringing us closer and allowing us the perfect opportunity to collaborate, which really is part of the appeal of the platform.  Moreover, we host a weekly Clubhouse room on Tuesdays in Scott’s Sustainable Growth Marketing club, where we talk about personal branding related topics and do Q&A. 

In short, I love collaborating with Brian and Scott because we all align on the importance of integrity, and it really translated into an honest and candid conversation.  

On Ep. 152, we talk all things CLUBHOUSE!

  • How to build a valuable network and strong relationships on the platform
  • The good, the bad and the ugly: what we love and what needs improvement
  • Moderation tips: How to create a positive experience, keep people on topic, and provide value to everyone in the room
  • The basics and best practices for using the app
  • How to be an ally and amplify underrepresented voices
  • Analytics tools, monetization, the future of the app, and more!


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