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Creator Burnout, Designer Crocs, Emrata’s Baby, Fake Vaccine Cards: BI Unfiltered #1

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So, I’ve got something new for you this week! Maybe you’ve been listening to Beyond Influential for a while, or maybe you just started tuning in, but I’m putting a new twist on it for this week’s episode.

Introducing Beyond Influential (BI) Unfiltered! I’ll be sharing more about what Unfiltered is and my vision for it in this episode. However, the quick and dirty explanation is that I wanted a vehicle to share off-the-cuff commentary on a variety of topics that have caught my attention recently. It includes current events to relevant trends and more. Also, joining me today for this candid conversation is Shannon O’Donovan, tech wizard and second in command in my business, who you may remember from Ep. 99 Behind the Scenes of My Business: Team-Building, Finding Your Zone of Genius & Leaning Into Change

And something extra special… this whole episode is on video, so you can actually watch it below!

Additionally, I’ve included topic timestamps for you. So, in case you want to jump to a certain talking point. You can find links to the articles and images we reference below the video.

So, as Unfiltered evolves, I’d love to hear your feedback. Like, subscribe, and leave a comment on YouTube! Any topics you’d like my take on? Shoot an email to my team at and let us know!

Video Timestamps

00:00:01    Introducing Unfiltered
00:08:48   Designer Crocs
00:16:01    Low-rise jeans and the 20 year fashion cycle
00:18:40   Emrata’s baby and the internet culture of mom-shaming
00:29:15   Why you need people who will tell you “no” and taking responsibility as a business owner
00:34:30  Twitter Blue
00:41:20   Fake Vaccine Cards, misinformation, and trust in the medical community
00:53:21   Creator burnout, productivity culture, defying expectations and doing things your way
01:14:06   What I’m following this week, where unfiltered is going and future topics


Referenced Articles & Images

As Demand for Crocs Soars, the Brand Is Breaking Up With Some Longtime Retailers
And Now, Crocs With Stiletto Heels
Emrata Instagram post
Introducing Twitter Blue – Twitter’s first-ever subscription offering
Fake COVID Vaccine Cards Are Being Sold Online. Using One Is A Crime
Young Creators Are Burning Out and Breaking Down
Trisha Paytas Announces Departure from Frenemies Podcast with H3’s Ethan Klein


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