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Dance Moms’ Christi Lukasiak Gets Real: The Ups and Downs of Reality TV Fame, the Benefits of Personal Branding & Coaching Gen Z on Adulting 101

Christi Lukasiak

I love love love this week’s guest, Christi Lukasiak. You might recognize her from the hit reality Lifetime series Dance Moms, but I actually first became aware of her when she joined my community and became one of my coaching clients, and it wasn’t until after that point that I learned about her time on reality TV. We’ve since become friends, and what you see is what you get. On top of being incredibly smart and a boss, she’s just as hilarious as she comes across on the show and social media. 

I ended up watching Dance Moms to prepare for this conversation and I see why she’s still everyone’s favorite cool mom. Not only does she have an incredible social media presence, but she’s been reaching all new audiences through the syndication of Dance Moms on various streaming platforms. 

She’s refreshingly honest, and for better or worse, she fully owns her time on the show and the ups and downs that brings. She’s on a mission to empower the next generation of women with the tools they need to succeed as an adult, and on this episode, she gets real with me on all the things you want to know.

On Ep. 168 with Christi Lukasiak, we cover:

  • The reality behind reality TV: What it was really like behind the scenes of Dance Moms
  • Regrets, mental health, and why she left a hit show in its prime
  • Bullying, mom-shaming, and the challenges of parenting in the public eye
  • How she worked with me to find her niche and why personal branding has been essential to her and her family’s success  
  • Christi’s business: How she monetizes, creating Adulting 101, launching her Begin Planner, what she’s focusing on next, and more!


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