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Drew Afualo on Becoming a TikTok Star: Roasting Misogynists, Handling Haters, & Empowering Women

Drew Afualo

This week’s guest Drew Afualo DOES NOT hold back. Drew Afualo is a TikTok star who gained popularity through her comedic videos roasting misogynists and other toxic men. She has quickly grown to over one million followers and counting. 

Drew’s wit is strategic and she’s been a beacon of confidence for women on TikTok—empowering them to not settle for less than they deserve. She’s also an ally to women of color and other marginalized communities. We had a great conversation about her journey, including getting fired from her dream job, and realizing that the dream wasn’t actually the dream, how she ended up on TikTok, how she decides who to roast,  how she handles haters and more. 

On Ep. 165 with Drew Afualo, we discuss:

  • Drew’s journey to TikTok after being fired from her dream job 
  • The art of roasting toxic men and empowering women
  • Her content process: From choosing who to roast to recording and editing her videos
  • How she deals with haters, clout-seeking males, and moderating her TikTok comments
  • Drew’s stance on being an ally to marginalized communities
  • Having her account banned multiple times and why you can’t rely on only one platform
  • Becoming a full-time TikToker, brand partnerships, and more!


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