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#103 Easy Holiday Marketing Tips For Any Business: Office Depot Expert Roundtable

Easy Holiday Marketing Tips

This week’s episode is just in time for the holidays!

A big point I always try to hammer home is that there isn’t any market that’s too saturated if you position yourself correctly, and using the online space to do it is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your brand, build awareness,  create brand loyalty, and grow your bottom line!

I had the honor of getting to do a very fun business roundtable in collaboration with Office Depot to discuss different online and traditional marketing tips, tactics, and strategies to really stand out and get holiday foot traffic in a time every business on earth feels like it’s competing for your attention and wallet. This episode is focused more on brick and mortar businesses, but it applies to ANY type of business. Business is business, no matter what form it takes, and I had the pleasure of getting to do this roundtable with two other incredible women who are experts in their areas.

For this roundtable, I am joined by the fabulous Stacy Tuschl and Stephanie Schwartz: 

Stacy, who you might remember from Ep. 80 & 81,  started her dance studio in 2002, scaled it to a second location, and has been helping other business owners do the same through her consulting business. She has built both her brick and mortar dance studios AND her online businesses into 7-figure businesses and is such an incredible resource for anyone growing their business. Her podcast is literally called The Foot Traffic podcast – so she was an obvious choice to discuss how to get foot traffic during the holidays.

Stephanie Schwartz manages brand partnerships at Office Depot. Her experience in partnerships directly ties in with strategies all businesses should utilize through events, blogs, video and thought leadership.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How online personal branding leads to tangible results for small brick-and-mortar businesses (and all businesses!)
  • How to come up with effective promotions to get people in the door
  • Personal branding to grow your business: getting started & developing your voice
  • Your Target Audience: Identifying the social media platforms they use & being aware of the local culture 
  • Hashtags: How to create campaigns & how to use them to attract local customers 
  • The content creation process and repurposing content strategically
  • Optimizing your time by being intentional and smart about how you structure your schedule
  • Why self-care and personal time is a non-negotiable & more!


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