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Emily D. Baker on Uniting Law Nerds with Pop Culture Legal Commentary & Choosing the Life You Want

Emily D. Baker

I love following pop culture, and one of my favorite commentators is someone who is making the law accessible and relatable through the lens of celebrity and influencer legal issues. Emily D. Baker’s content is the first legal content that I’ve truly been able to not only stomach, but actually enjoy since the time I became a lawyer, and I LOVED interviewing her for this week’s episode of Beyond Influential. If you like my content and personality, I know you’re going to like this episode.

Emily D. Baker is the host of the top-20 news commentary podcast, The Emily Show. Emily’s YouTube channel has over 140,000 subscribers now and over 10 million views. Emily has created a niche for herself where she gets to truly be herself and make money talking about the topics she enjoys, and she’s created a unique and passionate community who calls themselves the law nerds. 

“I chose a job, but I didn’t stop and choose a life.”

She has over 15 years of legal experience, including over 10 years as a deputy district attorney, which is huge. And I had to have Emily on the show because I honestly just want her to be my friend. We are both two lawyers who are very into pop culture, and this episode is NOT boring legal sh*t—we’re talking about real life—business, boundaries, social media, and more.

On Ep. 161 with Emily D. Baker, we cover:

  • How Emily is making the law accessible and relatable through pop culture 
  • Emily’s journey to law and her experience in the DAs office: From white collar crime and perjury cases to murders, gangs, and drug charges 
  • Burnout & boundaries: What led her to the online space & YouTube
  • Britney Spears & Erika Jayne: Keeping up with current cases in the public eye
  • How she’s built a rabid community of “law nerds” that moderates itself
  • How she’s monetized a business model the way she wants, working with ADHD, and more!


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