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Frannie Coggeshall on Growing Your Business 10x Faster with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Frannie Coggeshall on Growing Your Business 10x Faster with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Are you currently running ads to grow your business on Facebook and Instagram? 

If you are not, or you’re on the fence, this Beyond Influential episode may change your mind. (And if you are, you’ll likely learn something new like I did!)

Some popular reasons you might not be running ads include not knowing where to start, being intimidated by the Facebook ads platform, and the endless questions from whether you should be boosting your posts to how big a budget you should have to know if ads are working.

Or maybe you’re thinking, “Why pay for advertising when you are getting results for ‘free’?” 

There are some entrepreneurs out there who will brag about their organic marketing sales numbers on Instagram and Facebook, but let’s talk about the growth those folks are missing out on by not using Facebook’s paid advertising platform strategically. 

Frannie Coggeshall on Growing Your Business 10x Faster with Facebook and Instagram Ads

On this week’s Beyond Influential, Facebook and Instagram Ads expert, Frannie Coggeshall, gives us a look behind the scenes of running an ads agency, plus inside tips on setting yourself up for success with ads. Frannie is the founder of Elevate Her Marketing, an agency that supports female online course creators in growing their businesses 10x faster than they could on their own through full-service Facebook & Instagram ads management.

Whether you want to hear about what you really need to focus on when running ads, how to build out your ads strategy, or just some truth bombs about running an agency and building a team, this episode is for you.  

If you have been playing with the idea of running an ad campaign, or you’re curious about what it’s like to transition from a 9-5 to living in another country while running your own business…be sure to listen in to hear how Frannie has made this happen! 

On Ep. 132, we cover: 

  • Frannie’s entrepreneurship journey: How she left behind the NYC grind and found freedom by building a location-independent ads agency 
  • How Frannie got crystal clear on her business vision, her ideal clientele & the realities and risks of running a business based on a single platform  
  • Remote Team-Building: How she hires, onboards, and sets expectations in a work-from-anywhere world
  • Facebook Ads Trends: How she and her agency keep up with the latest updates & her go-to resources for staying on top of the game!
  • The importance of brand clarity & why you need a deep understanding of your customers to run ads effectively
  • The Facebook algorithm: How it works, why “targeting” isn’t as important for ads results as most people think, and more!

If you enjoyed this episode and want to check out Frannie’s training on How to Grow Your Business 10x Faster with Facebook and Instagram Ads, as well as hear more expert conversations and tips like these, and ask your questions directly during Live Q&As—get on the waitlist to join the Beyond Influential Insiders! The Insiders get access to trainings, special discounts (like a special offer on Frannie’s in-depth “Elevate Your Ads” Course), Live Q&A calls, and so much more. You can learn more here.


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