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From 5-Figure Debt to 5-Figure Months: Jen Morilla on the Truth About Monetizing Your Passion & Influence

Jen Morilla

Whether intentional or not, influencers in the online space often make their lives look aspirational and effortless. Whether it’s gaining followers or making money, the lifestyle may appear “easy,” but while the job does come with some exciting highs, it also brings with it behind-the-scenes lows. 

We see so many bloggers, content creators, coaches, online experts, and gurus painting the online space as your escape from the corporate world, but they fail to mention that it’s not always sunshine and roses. Just like any other line of work, being an influencer and working with brands can be challenging, and also not necessarily scalable, which is why I’m excited to have Jen Morilla back this week to give us the honest truth! 

Jen Morilla on the Truth About Monetizing Your Passion & Influence

If you don’t know Jen, she was my first guest ever on Beyond Influential, Episode 1, where we talked about her life as a full-time, impact-driven travel influencer under the brand name The Social Girl Traveler. (You might also remember her from Ep. 131 on our biggest business mistakes with Christina Galbato!) Over the last three years, a lot has changed and evolved in her brand and business…Jen is now an online business expert, mentoring women who want to create and scale impact-driven businesses online, and she is not holding back on sharing her story. 

In this week’s episode, Jen joins me again to talk about the low points in her journey as an entrepreneur, including admissions she has never made publicly before (and most influencers would never admit!). From a relentless travel and content creation schedule, to getting into five figures of debt and nearly giving up, to climbing out of the hole, finding success, and making thousands a month from her online courses and coaching, Jen walks us through her story since that first conversation we had back in the Fall of 2017, and shares the insights she’s picked up along the way. If you need a little motivation, this conversation might be just the thing you need to keep pushing through the challenges!

On Ep. 133, we cover: 

  • The behind-the-scenes struggles of the travel blogger & influencer lifestyle 
  • The potential pitfalls of monetizing your passion: burnout, mental health & mindset issues
  • How Jen got herself into $23,000 of debt as an influencer, developed a healthy money mindset, and the action steps she took to get herself out of the red
  • Business coaching: the new MLM?
  • Investing in business mentors & how to pick the right one for you 
  • What most online coaches & influencers won’t share about their “massive” business  results & more!


If you enjoy this episode, I also highly encourage you to check out Ep. 131, Biggest Mistakes & Lessons Learned as Entrepreneurs with both Jen & Christina Galbato for more behind the scenes about the reality of influence as a business. 

For more about Jen, her mission, and why she’s so impact driven, check out Ep 1, Jen Morilla, The Social Girl Traveler on Finding Brand Deals, Influencer Life & Full-Time Travel

And if you want to hear even more from Jen and check out her training she presented live for the Beyond Influential Insiders on How to Create and Launch Your First Digital Product, you can head to for all the info.

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