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From Overeaters Anonymous to Celebrity Fitness Expert: Creating Your Dream Business Out of Your Deepest Struggles with Ashley Borden

Ashley Borden on Creating Your Dream Business Out of Deepest Struggles

Building a sustainable (and successful!) business is a labor of love and it requires a deep sense of purpose to make it through those inevitable difficult times. 

It is very common for entrepreneurs to create their businesses based on offers, services, and solutions they wish existed for themselves. Often your ideal client or customer looks like you (or you at an earlier time). 

My guest on this week’s Beyond Influential, celebrity fitness expert Ashley Borden, developed her business ethos out of a desire to give people what she wished she had received when she was younger.

Ashley took her struggle with disordered eating and her recovery process and turned it into a strength by creating a mission-driven business out of it. She is now a highly sought-after fitness expert with over 40,000 hours of personal training experience. Ashley has worked with some very high-profile clients—Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, World Series Champions Nick Swisher and Brian Wilson—just to name a few. 

When she’s not training celebrities, you might have seen her transforming bodies and lives on The Kelly Clarkson Show or on multiple seasons of E!’s Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian. She has been tapped as an expert in media outlets from The Today Show, The Doctors, Rachael Ray, Steve Harvey, to publications including Vogue, In Style, Elle, Allure, Shape, Women’s Health, Self, and more! 

On Ep. 143, we cover:

  • Ashley’s journey with disordered eating: Her experience with Overeaters Anonymous and how she has incorporated it into her brand
  • How Ashley turned her deepest struggles into a successful personal training business
  • Why having strong values are essential to consistency in your brand
  • Working with clients & the mistakes she made starting out
  • How she attracted celebrity clientele, working with a publicist, & how it impacted her business growth
  • How to vet quality trainers, especially in a social media world “fitness influencers,” tips on healthy ways to relax, and more!


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Ashley Borden on Creating Your Dream Business Out of Deepest Struggles
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Ashley Borden on Creating Your Dream Business Out of Deepest Struggles

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