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Heather Sager on Top Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills to Grow Your Business (Re-release)

Heather Sager on Top Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Are you ready to take the (now) virtual stages with confidence?  

Now that life has largely moved to the online space, being able to present and communicate your message in a compelling and engaging way to your audience is more important than ever. 

This week’s Beyond Influential is one I intentionally wanted to re-release, not only for those who might have missed it the first time around, but also because it is very relevant today in a new way. 

Heather Sager on Top Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills to Grow Your Business (Re-release)

Public speaking is not about being on a physical stage anymore, and it’s not just for those who want to be professional speakers; this is a transferable skill set for any brand and business. Delivering your message so people actually pay attention is critical whether you’re on a Zoom call, on Instagram Stories, or as a podcast guest. 

Heather Sager is a speaking coach who helps busy entrepreneurs structure their ideas, clarify their message and hone their speaking skills so they deliver knockout live presentations, videos, and workshops that help them sell. I’ve really gotten to know Heather since our interview, and if you haven’t checked out my interview on The Heather Sager Show, you can listen to it here

This episode is really worth a (re)listen to hear these tips and insights through the lens of public speaking being virtual communication of your message and not physically getting on a stage. 

On this episode, we cover:

  • How to get better thinking on your feet (highly relevant for any live situation!)
  • What makes a compelling presentation and how to develop one
  • Why being specific in your feedback is important & Heather’s 3:1 critique ratio
  • Getting comfortable on stage: How to improve your stage presence & body language
  • On-camera presentations vs. in-person – how are they different?
  • What you need to do (and not do) before a presentation & more!

>> And if you’re interested in learning how to live stream and create videos with confidence for your business, Heather is doing a training for the Beyond Influential Insiders on it! Click here to join the waitlist.



What I’m Reading This Week

howard stern comes again


I love learning from the influential people outside my “industry” bubble. There are iconic communicators, interviewers, creators, and entrepreneurs you can learn from who can inspire you and teach you without triggering that comparison feeling that I know is so rampant online. 

Whether you are a Howard Stern fan or not, the man knows how to get an insightful interview. I just picked up his book, Howard Stern Comes Again, which is a collection of his favorite interviews he’s done over the years.* If you are a podcaster, or just want to learn how to ask people interesting questions, reading his interviews can give you some great ideas.


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