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#97 How to Build an Influential Personal Brand Using LinkedIn

Gwen Lane How to Build an Influential Personal Brand Using LinkedIn

I create content each week to make sure you get the latest on what you can use to build the brand, business, and life of your dreams, but I also want you to know that I view this as a relationship – I want to get to know you, and I want you to get to know me :).

The big news in my world right now is… I just got MARRIED in Spain!

If you want to stalk my photos or really anything wedding related, you can check out my Instagram <3. 

Even though I’ve been in Spain, I still want to make sure I am adding value for you… so this week’s episode is actually an interview I did with a friend who was at the wedding, Gwen Lane (aka The LA Girl) for her Spark Show Podcast (If you don’t remember, I interviewed Gwen Lane on Beyond Influential Ep. 13).

On this episode, we talk: 

  • My time working with Gary Vaynerchuk and how I fell in love with personal branding 
  • How to get over fear and gain confidence
  • When it was time to go out on my own and how I made the jump
  • How to maximize your time online and where to start
  • How to identify the content you can make consistently (even without a team!)
  • Why LinkedIn is the social platform to be on regardless of your industry (Yes, for bloggers & influencers too!)
  • How to get started on LinkedIn, identifying mutually beneficial connections, how to engage with decision-makers who can move the needle for your brand and more!