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#96 How to Grow a Personal Brand Online That Gets You What You Want

Brandon Birkmeyer

Whether you’re just getting started branding yourself online, not exactly sure why you need to be doing it, or you’ve been at it awhile but not seeing the results – this episode is for you. 

This is also a great episode if you are new to me, what I do, and why I LOVE personal branding. 

On today’s episode of Beyond Influential, I’m sharing an interview I did on the Brands on Brands on Brands Podcast with Brandon Birkmeyer.

Brandon Birkmeyer was actually part of my first group of students in The LinkedIn Laws course (which will be re-opening soon!) – that is my step by step process that gets you exactly what you want from your personal brand by using LinkedIn. 

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Brandon over the last year and watching his brand evolve. What I love about Brandon is that he is always educating himself and he has actual experience (he worked in advertising for 17 years before starting the entrepreneurial journey).  

We had an awesome conversation where we cover:

  • Why LinkedIn gives you the best return for your time online
  • How personal branding is your best insurance policy 
  • How niching down actually grows your brand faster
  • Why you shouldn’t wait until you’re ready or for the “right time” to start building your personal brand
  • How to grow develop confidence in your online voice and content 
  • How to use pillar content to optimize your time
  • Why brand clarity is so important, where to start
  • How personal branding and selling are interconnected & more!