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How to Land New Clients & Get Hired Using Your Personal Brand

How to Land New Clients & Get Hired Using Your Personal Brand

Are you capitalizing on your personal brand to grow your business?

Today’s episode is from the #GetHired Summit, where I participated on a recent panel as a personal brand expert. This summit was presented by Mentorli, an app designed to help diverse talent get hired through mentorship with the goal of matching underrepresented talent with amazing companies.

With the rising unemployment rate due to the global pandemic, the #GetHired Summit was aimed at giving professionals the tools they need to get hired in a quickly-changing job market.

For the record, even though this is called the “Get Hired Summit,” personal branding works exactly the same way. Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to land a client or you’re trying to get hired for a full-time role. All of the panelists have used their personal brands to grow inside of organizations. As well as start their own businesses.

How to Land New Clients & Get Hired Using Your Personal Brand

We cover all things personal branding as well as platforms you can use to help you with growing your brand.

And side note—one of the platforms we discuss is the value of LinkedIn. And if you need proof that it’s a valuable platform for entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is exactly how I received the opportunity to speak on this panel.

Meet the Experts from the Get Hired Panel

This panel of personal brand experts was moderated by Luke Mocke, the Co-Founder of Mentorli. The experts on this panel have experiences ranging from leveraging their personal brands to create opportunities while just starting out in their careers to using it to reinvent themselves after years in the workforce.

Joel Hansen started building his personal brand as a student and using it to build relationships and learn outside the classroom. He has a full-time role in private equity. But he is also very active when it comes to his LinkedIn presence. And has even done a TedX talk on How Being Unqualified Can Be Your Secret Weapon Creating Impact.

Krystal Guerra has a decade of experience specializing in marketing for B2B tech and software as a service companies. She also has her own media agency, Guerra Media. And works as the Director of Demand Generation for a b2b company focused on education technology.

Angie Callan is a career coach and the founder of Careerbenders, which is a company focused on career coaching, resume writing, and career job seeker services.

On Ep. 134 of Beyond Influential, we cover: 

  • What your brand actually is (it’s not your logo, it’s not your tagline… it’s YOU)
  • Why authenticity is the key to personal brand success
  • How to start building your personal brand (Hint: CLARITY)
  • Depression, burnout, and listening to your mind and body during stressful times
  • How to stop comparing yourself to others & start creating your own metrics for success
  • LinkedIn engagement strategies and tactics that work to build your brand even if you’re just getting started & more!



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