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How to Make Money as an Affiliate & Promoting with Integrity

How to Make Money as an Affiliate

I’m going to try to be as specific as I can without giving away too many details…. (only because I am not allowed to give you all the details yet!).  But what I can say is…

  1. I can officially spill all of the beans starting June 1st; and 
  2. If you want to be the first to know, click here to get on my list (if you aren’t already!).

While I can’t share any names, I can share that I am going to be participating in my first official affiliate launch! And if you are interested in learning more about using the online space to grow your business or start a business, you’ll completely understand why I not only agreed to do this, but it was such an easy “I’m in!” from me when I was asked.   

You know I love giving the behind the scenes and since this affiliate launch process is new to me, I wanted to document it for you. On this solo episode I share my honest thoughts around the topics that have been top of mind including affiliate marketing, passive income, collaborating with your competitors, as well as an inside look as I prepare. 

On this Ep. 124, I cover:

  • Affiliate marketing: What it is and why it can be valuable to your business  
  • What it really takes to make money as a successful affiliate for a brand or product
  • Real talk about “passive” income & diversifying your income streams
  • The importance of integrity and maintaining trust with your audience
  • Collaborating with your “competitors” & how to make it a win-win and more!


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