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How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Influence: Strategies to Get Started

How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Influence

If you’re wondering “How can I make money with my personal brand?” – you’re not alone.

One of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to personal branding is how to monetize your brand and influence. While it may be easy to think that influencers with large follower counts are making a killing (insider secret: most aren’t), and that you’d need a large audience in order to make money from your presence (you don’t!), the truth is, monetization is really about strategy

What does that mean for you? Wherever you are right now in your personal branding journey, you can monetize your personal brand, add new revenue streams to existing ones, or at the very least start thinking strategically about how you would like to get started.  

How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Influence: Strategies to Get Started

Monetization is not one size fits all, and in this week’s solo episode of Beyond Influential, I’ll walk you through the general categories that pretty much all monetization strategies fall under and how to approach idea generation so you can find and focus on the ones that work best for you!  

On Ep. 139, I talk about:

  • Why monetization is not the place to start on your personal brand journey
  • How being clear on your personal brand and your target audience is essential to making money from your influence
  • The three-bucket approach to monetization strategies & how to use them for your brand
  • Why your audience size doesn’t limit your ability to monetize successfully
  • My favorite exercise to help you brainstorm the best money-making ideas for your personal brand, plus a detailed example of how to approach it to get you started!



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