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How to Set Better Goals & Actually Achieve Them

How to Set Better Goals & Actually Achieve Them

If you started out the year with big plans for 2020 that have been thrown off track, you are not alone. 

This week’s Beyond Influential isn’t about making you feel guilty about not hitting the goals you set in January; it’s about giving yourself permission to change them, make new ones, and how to approach them in a way that sets you up for success.

If the last few months have left you feeling a little weird or off or low-energy… you are in good company.  This is not a time to be critical of yourself if things are not going the way you expected. (They aren’t going the way anyone expected!)

Personally, I have been feeling the energy shifting right now as we have been processing what’s going on and are ready to talk about what’s next. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in taking small steps or large ones – it’s about forward progress at whatever rate feels right to you.

On this short solo episode, I share the key principles behind setting goals that will make achieving the results you want much more likely. (And while I reference brand and business goals, these tips also apply to personal goals as well.)

On Beyond Influential Ep. 123, I cover:

  • Permission to Pivot: Why it’s ok to reprioritize and adjust your goals without guilt
  • Common mistakes I see when setting goals for your brand and business
  • How to approach goal setting strategically: What you need to consider & tips to help you achieve them
  • Why accountability is critical to actually reaching your goals, and more!

Because accountability is so important when it comes to achieving your goals, I want to challenge you to post one goal publicly–and make sure to tag me @brittanykrystle on Instagram or LinkedIn!


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