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Is Coronavirus Affecting Your Business?

Is Coronavirus Affecting Your Business

Below is a copy of the email that was sent to my list earlier today, March 12, 2020. Based on the positive feedback I received, I want to make sure you don’t miss out on this information if it can be helpful to you.

It really didn’t feel appropriate to push out a new episode of Beyond Influential this week acting like everything happening in the world at the moment is status quo.

The Beyond Influential community is an international one and the Coronavirus is a global issue that is already affecting or will affect many of you.

Is Coronavirus Affecting Your Business?

I want to help in the best way I know how and that’s by providing the content and resources that you need on the online business and brand-building side. Whether you already have an online business or not, we are about to see many moving into remote work jobs and the online space out of economic necessity. And I will do what I can to provide the tools you need to do it the right way. (I can’t stress enough how incredibly important it is to be building your personal brand online right now too)

I’ve seen some jokes floating around how for online business owners, this pandemic is just another day at the office, and while those jokes might not be in the best taste, it does inspire a timely discussion about remote work and building a business outside of a traditional setting.

I do have knowledge and experience about those topics that can be helpful. I specifically built my business so I would never physically need to be anywhere. Never be subject to any one individual or revenue stream, and in an area that is recession-proof. If you have specific questions, I would love to answer them on an upcoming episode of Beyond Influential. You’ll find a link to submit them at the end of this email.

Coronavirus on your mind?

Since Coronavirus is on most people’s minds, and definitely at the top of the news cycle, below are a few resources you may find helpful.

Recommended Coronavirus Podcast Listens

If you are tired of sifting through mainstream media coverage about Coronavirus, I highly recommend the following episodes.

  • The Joe Rogan Experience
    I’m a Rogan fan and I appreciate how accessible this episode is to the general public. This episode with Michael Osterholm, who is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology, is a must listen.
    Ep. 1439 with Guest Michael Osterholm
  • Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris
    If you aren’t familiar with Sam, he’s a neuroscientist, philosopher, best-selling author, and a little bit of a controversial figure in some circles for some of his views. I checked out these two episodes after I saw people tweeting about how informative they were. This podcast style is way more “clinical” than Rogan’s interview, but I always appreciate getting to hear from other experts.

    Ep. 190- How Should We Respond to Coronavirus? 
    (Guest: Nicholas A. Christakis)
    Nicholas A. Christakis, MD, PhD, MPH, is the Sterling Professor of Social and Natural Science at Yale University, where he directs the Human Nature Lab and is the Co-Director of the Yale Institute for Network Science. Ep. 191- Early Thoughts on a Pandemic  (Guest: Amesh Adalja)
    Amesh Adalja, MD, is an infectious disease specialist at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security.

Remote Work Book Recommendation

And for anyone who needs a resource for remote work, Jason Fried and DHH of Basecamp are offering a free copy of their book REMOTE: OFFICE NOT REQUIRED for today only (March 12th – details Here). I just got a copy myself to check out before I recommend it to everyone, but I don’t want you to miss out on something helpful that is free for a limited time.

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I hope you find these resources helpful. Looking forward to answering your questions!