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Julia Lynch on Getting Smarter with Your Side Hustle & Monetizing Part-Time Content Creation

Julia Lynch wearing green dress

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to monetize your content with a smaller audience while still working full-time, you’ll want to listen to this week’s Beyond Influential. 

Julia Lynch (aka @smarterinasec) is a content creator. She’s a lifelong nerd who has always been passionate about learning something new every day. In early 2020, she began sharing content on Instagram & TikTok about her favorite daily reads & podcast picks, as well as tips to succeed at work inspired by her time in business school and her day job as a strategy consultant. Since then, she has built an engaged following using her two platforms. She has been side hustling as a social media consultant and a micro influencer for a variety of brands.

I particularly thought it was important to do this interview. It’s very common for people to think everyone online is making their living by creating social content when that’s not the case at all. This episode is a look behind the scenes of an up-and-coming influencer who is still in the process of transitioning away from her 9 to 5 but is already working with brands and making a name for herself.

On Ep. 160 with Julia Lynch, we cover:

  • How content creation has become Julia’s side hustle and the gateway to other opportunities while still working in a “traditional”  business role 
  • How business school has helped her as a content creator
  • Why she created Smarter in a Sec and the gap in the market she wanted to fill
  • Content creation: How Julia plans her content, her posting frequency on different platforms, and how she balances it with a full-time job
  • The difference between her audience on Instagram vs. TikTok
  • Brand deal & monetization transparency: How much she makes from brand deals & her biggest brand deal to date
  • How she’s been finding success with a small audience as a micro influencer, how she strategically builds her network, and more!


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Deal of the week:  I have to tell you about this… 

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You might be familiar with Kajabi if you’re a course creator (or purchased one of my courses!), but the platform has been introducing new features, including podcast hosting, and the ability to monetize your podcast and newsletters. One of the things I love most about Kajabi is that they really listen to their customer base. They regularly implement requested features and they have the best customer service I’ve seen among any platform I’ve used in my business.

You can also use Kajabi to create your website and landing pages, send emails to your list, and more, and it’s really user-friendly. And right now, Kajabi is offering a limited-time special where you can get 3 months for $99, which is an amazing deal (one I HAD to share because I  haven’t seen them do this before!). This deal is only available through next Monday, July 26th—to check it out before it disappears, click here.*


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