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Kaya Yurieff on Keeping Up with the Creator Economy: The Hottest Trends in 2021

You are not alone if you have a hard time keeping up with all new tech platforms and constant changes in the creator economy. Also, others are usure what the creator economy even is. So, this week’s Beyond Influential guest is here to make it easier for you and get you up to speed.

Kaya Yurieff is the writer of the creator economy newsletter at The Information. It’s an independent subscription-based media outlet that has gained the attention of tech executives and founders. Previously, she covered technology and social media platforms at CNN. Also, she covered diverse creator stories including YouTuber burnout. She also writes about how parents navigate their teens’ sudden TikTok fame. The Information also tackles the business of the creator economy.  

Moreover, it’s now being recognized that content creators have extraordinary power and influence over culture and business. So, Kaya covers the platforms, the people, and the deals that are newsworthy so you can stay up-to-date.

On Ep. 162 with Kaya Yurieff, we cover:

  • How Kaya got started in journalism. She shares her experience from traditional media at CNN to a subscription-based model at The Information 
  • The creator economy; what it is and why it matters to you 
  • Her writing process; from idea to execution. These include timelines, organization, fact-checking, editing, and more.
  • First, the difference between opinion and editorial journalism
  • Second, the sudden rush of interest from investors into creator economy startups. Moreover, the hottest platforms receiving attention right now
  • Third, the number one way creators are monetizing. Also, how platforms are evolving (and competing!) to accommodate it, and more!


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