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Lauren Hubert on Diet Culture, Mindful Eating, & How to Lose Weight the Right Way

Lauren Hubert sitting on the couch

Lauren Hubert is a Registered Dietitian who is changing the way we talk about weight loss. She’s the creator behind The Sorority Nutritionist (aka TSN), where she’s taken her own struggles with dieting in college and created the resources and support network she desperately wished she had when she was struggling with her confidence. (And no, this is not just for college students—she focuses on women of all ages.) Lauren’s mission is to debunk the awful “advice” on how women are told to eat on the internet.

On Ep. 166 with Lauren Hubert, we talk about:

  • Lauren’s journey to creating The Sorority Nutritionist
  • Diet culture and her thoughts on popular diets
  • The difference between mindful eating and intuitive eating
  • Losing weight the right way: What you should pay attention to and how to set yourself up for long-term success
  • Lauren’s content process and why she still does it herself, and more!


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