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Leanne Perice on Managing Influencers, Negotiating Brand Deals & How Top Content Creators are Monetizing

Leanne Perice of MADE BY ALL

Leanne Perice is the founder of MADE BY ALL, a digital talent management and branding company representing the industry’s most innovative creators, influencers, and celebrities, including Teyana Taylor, Helen Owen, and Tessa Brooks. With clients that reach over 300 million consumers, she recognizes the limitless rise of digital voices and also provides strategic management to turn them into new age empires.

Being at the forefront of the digital economy, Leanne values the art of all partnerships and helping her clients monetize outside the box while helping them build a strong brand identity. This episode is a must-listen whether you’re an influencer or content creator or if you’re looking to use influencers and content creators for your brand or business.

Leanne Perice on Managing Influencers, Negotiating Brand Deals & How Top Content Creators are Monetizing

On Ep. 169, we chat about:

  • Influencer management, including what a manager does and when you need one
  • How Leanne works with clients to really bring their vision to life
  • Points to consider when negotiating a deal
  • How creators should be looking to monetize outside of brand deals, and so much more!


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