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Life Is Choices: Living Without a Lease

Life Is Choices

Life Is Choices: Living Without a Lease

I haven’t signed an official year long lease since 2012. I’m not saying this as a point of pride, but just as a matter of fact. The last time I had one was when I moved to NYC from LA. Since that time, I moved back to LA and then back to NYC again.

I’ve moved for love and I’ve moved for work and I’m sure I’ll make geographic decisions based on those priorities in the future. It’s not like I enjoy moving either, it sucks (anyone like moving?). However, due to my desire for flexibility, I thought it made more sense to secure month-to-month arrangements over the last few years (NOT an easy feat in New York City, slightly easier in Los Angeles).

The more long term obligations you have, the easier is it to make excuses for not changing other aspects of your life. It’s why so many people continue to go to a job they hate, live in cities they don’t like anymore, or stay with people they don’t want to be with — it’s just less effort to stay the course.

While some may read the above and think I must have commitment issues, I see it another way. I’m committed to something else: the life I’m currently living. It’s easier to see things as a choice when there is nothing truly locking you in.

I’m committed to something else: the life I’m currently living.

The work I do and the life I live is by choice. While this is technically true for a lot of people, not everyone views their lives that way.

I’m not against major life commitments and I’m willing to make them in my career and personal life. For me, when I’ve made the commitment, you know. How? Because I don’t have to be there.

Knowing I can currently “leave” at any time, makes me feel more committed than anything else. It means I have to stick to the obligations that I do make because keeping my word matters. This includes promises to myself, my loved ones, or anyone I work with. It also means I have to take the chances to make myself happy when I can because I don’t have any good excuses not to.

I’m where I want to be and when I’m not… you’ll know.

2 thoughts on “Life Is Choices: Living Without a Lease

  1. I love what you’re doing! I don’t see it as having commitment issues at all. So many people stay in jobs they hate, relationships they’re not happy, in a situation they’re not content in, …and for what? So they can repeat the pattern everyday? Not saying that everyone is that way, but from what I’ve seen, most people are. So I think what you’re choosing to do is absolutely amazing!

  2. It has nothing to do with commitment issues. You are living the life you love. There is such beauty in it. We come up with a whole theory of what works for us. Inside or Outside the box. Then right when you are totally comfortable the universe gives you something or someone that you love more than yourself. Not lose Yourself love but one where love leads to a deeper sense of openness and freedom.

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