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#105 And the Most Popular Interview of 2019 Is…Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential!

lauryn bostick of The Skinny Confidential

How is it almost 2020 already?! I wanted to give you an update – I have been hard at work creating the beta content for the Insiders membership. This time of year is always a time for reflection so my first training will be digging into the biggest business lessons I’ve learned this year and how I’m applying them in 2020. 

And there were a lot…2019 was a year of intense learning for me and I want to share those experiences with you and then give you the opportunity to ask questions in a Live Q&A. And don’t worry, I’m not shying away from sharing those lessons and hard times on the podcast, but this is the type of topic I can really dive deeper into inside the Beyond Influential Insiders community – this is the place where it will be easier to have conversations around it with each other. 

As I mentioned, for the beta, there will also be a lot of me getting to know you and what you need so we can build this community together – it’s going to be a choose-your-own-adventure experience.

This is a little bit of a spoiler alert, but here’s a teaser:

My business coach, who really specializes in the unsexy but necessary side of business (things like legal, the operations, and hiring process type stuff), is putting together a training on “The 6 most common questions entrepreneurs ask” based on his experience. I’ve been working with him on it and I want the last two questions to come from this group because based on what you do and what you need, the answers to those questions change. 

And you definitely don’t need (or have to want) to be an entrepreneur to get the benefit of this knowledge. Your personal brand is a business and you need to be building it no matter what you do, so all the content in there will be helpful. It really is dependent on you!

Having a place to directly speak to you is a nonnegotiable for me in 2020 and I’m incredibly excited to get started!

Again, if you want to get more information, you can find it HERE, and if you’re already signed up for the waitlist, keep an eye on your email because we will be starting very soon!

And now for most popular interview of the year…

It was #63 with Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential on Evolving from Blogger to Businesswoman & How to Build an Empire on Authentic Influence. I wanted to repost this episode because if you haven’t heard it, you need to hear it and if you have heard it, it’s time to listen again before 2020.

I’m going to leave in my original intro to the show because it all is still true. I’m so grateful for Lauryn’s friendship and support of my brand. Lauryn continues to one of my favorite examples of people who just understands brand and her audience. 

And also, side note: Congratulations to her and her husband Michael (who I interviewed on Episode #62 – the Business of Podcasting: Monetization, Growth & Influencers) –  not just for their deserved success, but also for their exciting news – they are expecting a baby girl in the coming weeks! So congrats you two! I can’t wait to watch her brand evolve as she enters this new phase in her life and business because I know she’s going to navigate it in the most boss way possible. 

So please enjoy the most popular Beyond Influential interview of 2019 with truly one of the masters of brand, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick.



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