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My Beauty Product Obsession

my sephora bag

I love beauty products: makeup, skin care, hair care, nail care. I WANT ALL OF IT.

I recently turned my roommate on to some of my favorite YouTube beauty experts and it really revived my love of trying new products. I’ve always been into makeup and trying to look my best, but I really hadn’t changed up my routine in a while.

Even though I don’t want to admit it, my skin is changing as I “age” and now feels like the right time to figure out what can be tweaked. When I lived in Los Angeles, it was way easier for me to maintain the same beauty regimen because the weather didn’t seem to affect my skin as much. Here in NYC, I’m having to learn all new ways to adjust to the elements.

I’ll be writing reviews of the products I’m wearing and testing out. It’s also a nice way to justify the ridiculous amount of time and money I’m spending in Sephora.

4 thoughts on “My Beauty Product Obsession

  1. I had the same problem when I moved from the west coast to the south. I didn’t know that the weather would change my beauty regimen so much! I accidentally ended up with VIB Rouge status last year, because of the changes. Oops

  2. I moved from Ireland to Greece and not only did the skincare totally need to change but the ambient temperature made a lot of the actual make up itself behave differently, mostly eyeliners and mascaras, even lipsticks seemed to sweat sometimes,
    Biggest problem is stopping my eye makeup smudging into a melting cascade down my face throughout the day so I seriously needed to up my game!

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