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Personal Brand Mindset: How to Overcome Content Creation Roadblocks

Personal Brand Mindset: How to Overcome Content Creation Roadblocks

Have you ever written a piece of social media content, agonizing over every word, just to delete it all and start over (possibly more than once)? Or just save it in your drafts because you don’t think it’s “good” enough? 

If you just said yes, you’re not alone. Mental roadblocks during the content creation process—everything from perfectionism to imposter syndrome to fear of criticism—are a very common issue for many creators and entrepreneurs. How do you move past them? It starts by recognizing them and then digging deep to figure out what exactly is standing in your way (and why).

Personal Brand Mindset: How to Overcome Content Creation Roadblocks

I always say personal branding is personal, and one of the biggest (and most frequent) obstacles standing in the way of building the brand of your dreams, might just be you. In this short and sweet Beyond Influential solo episode inspired by a recent Tweet, I’m talking about triggers, content creation fears, and how to overcome them. 

In Ep. 136, I cover:

  • Evaluating your triggers: how to look inward and move past them
  • How perfectionism can lead to a fear of content creation
  • Basics aren’t “basic”: Why “profound” content shouldn’t be your ultimate goal
  • Checking your ego: Why judging other people may actually be holding you back
  • Why your specific audience is the key to content creation success
  • Why you need to ignore others’ opinions of you if you want to achieve your goals, & more!



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