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The Entrepreneurial Supermodel: Emily DiDonato on Staying Relevant in a Competitive Industry & Simplifying Your Skincare Routine

When it comes to this week’s guest, I bet you’ve seen her face before! Emily DiDonato is a globally recognized supermodel. She’s walked the runways for iconic fashion houses like Chanel and Givenchy. DiDonato has graced the covers of multiple international Vogues. She has been featured in every major fashion publication you can think from Allure to Glamour to Harper’s Bazaar, to being a multiple-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. She has served as the face of Maybelline cosmetics for eight years and counting. 

Emily DiDonato amidst plants

But she’s not just a pretty face! She’s remained relevant and in-demand over her 10+ years in the modeling industry, which is unheard of for most models. Very few people have that sort of longevity in the modeling industry. 

And though we do discuss it in the interview, we’re not just here to talk about her influence as it relates to her modeling career. She has evolved as the industry has changed. Emily is also a very skilled digital content creator who has built her own successful personal brand with millions of dedicated followers across multiple platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where she shares her passion for beauty, wellness, skincare, and body positivity, as well as showing the behind the scenes of her life. 

On top of all this, Emily has recently launched a clean skincare line with her best friend and business partner called Covey. And she didn’t just slap her brand on a white label product, she’s been involved in every step of the development and launch of Covey. This was not an overnight process.  

Emily DiDonato holding skincare products

On Ep. 158 with Emily DiDonato, we cover:

In this episode we really dive into why Covey was necessary for her to create, as well as all the details from idea to execution, including product development, testing, pricing, marketing, and more. She really gave so many behind-the-scenes details and this conversation really illustrates the work that goes into creating a long-standing sustainable brand. 

  • Her entry into modeling & how she overcame the toxic aspects of modeling culture
  • The evolution of the modeling industry and how the view of influencers and social media has changed over the last decade
  • Maintaining her longevity in an industry known for “aging out” and the search for the next fresh face
  • Emily‘s personal brand journey, including her content creation process and strategy
  • All the details about founding and launching her skincare line, Covey, from idea to execution, and more!


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three covey products owned by Emily DiDonato

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Covey Skincare

Emily has used so many products over the course of her career, and if you’ve ever followed any skincare gurus, you’ve seen the 20-step daily routines that take too much time, energy, and product. Also, it’s her mission with Covey is really focused on a stress-free, simple, clean, and effective skincare routine. 

My take: I’ve been using her 3-step line for over a month now and I can honestly say it is really great and I will be buying it again. I love the fact that it’s foolproof and there’s no confusion of what products to use and in what order. I’ve used the combination under a variety of foundations and other makeup products and it hasn’t caused pilling, greasiness, or other annoying side effects that can happen when you switch up your skincare routine. I have pretty sensitive, combination skin, so if this didn’t work for me, I’d know immediately. 

Emily has generously shared a coupon code for the Beyond Influential audience that will get you 10% off the 3-step Covey Routine if you want to try it for yourself! Just use the code Beyond10 at checkout!


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