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LinkedIn (Yes, LinkedIn) is now the #1 place to grow your personal brand faster (& with less effort!) than anywhere else online. 

Welcome to The LinkedIn Laws: The Proven Strategy to Generate Real World Influence & Results That Matter! 

 This course is your step-by-step blueprint to building a brand on LinkedIn that gets you what you really want professionally.

I’ll walk .you through the exact process I use with clients (and on myself!) to get everything from high-quality clients, customers, & referrals to speaking engagements, brand deals, PR, & more! 

(Oh, did I mention it takes me less than one hour a week?!)


You need to be on LinkedIn NOW

A FREE platform with friendlier algorithms, less competition, low pressure content creation, AND access to the right people (ie. decision makers & action takers) who can actually move the needle for your brand & business?! It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. This is the time to be on LinkedIn and get an edge on your competition. 

Influence is not luck, it’s strategy. It doesn’t matter what you do professionally (or want to do) –  I’ll show you how to build a personal brand that clearly positions you, attracts the opportunities you want, and gets the results that matter to you. Your LinkedIn presence will start doing work FOR you!

Learn how to use LinkedIn to build a personal brand that gets you whatever you want professionally!

The Course at a Glance

You don’t have time to waste so I designed The LinkedIn Laws to get you up running QUICKLY. This course is broken out into “4 Weeks,” but you can go at your own pace (it can be done in a weekend, if that’s how you roll!).  You’ll receive lifetime access (you can revisit the lessons and exercises as your brand evolves!) and any additional updates & bonuses that are added for the life of the course!

Some of you use LinkedIn, but are ready to take it to the next level and some of you need to reset your password because it’s been so long, either way – I got you!

We can’t build if you don’t have a solid foundation.

Having the right mindset & knowing your “why” are critical to your success in anything and it’s no different when it comes to approaching brand building on LinkedIn.

My style is direct and in Week 1, I am addressing any excuses you might make upfront. We will cover not only why you need to be building your personal brand and why LinkedIn is the place to do it, but I will walk you through the common excuses and concerns (imposter syndrome, anyone?) that pop up when you truly start branding yourself publicly (and what to tell yourself when they do!).

Bonus: I also have a 5 Day LinkedIn Challenge for you! This week is NOT about perfect strategy or optimized content – I want you to get familiar (or re-familiar) with LinkedIn.

Whether you’re running a billion dollar company or you’re dreaming of starting one, everyone starts here. You need clarity not only to go after what you want, but also for the right people & opportunities to find you.

In Week 2, we are going to get CLEAR on your brand on LinkedIn. I will walk you through exercises that will help you get clear on your brand positioning, your goals, and your ideal content consumer on the platform. Then, we will walk through what’s actually important in your LinkedIn profile and how to optimize it.

After this week, no one should be confused as to what your value is & why they would want to connect with you.

Creating content is usually the most daunting part for people and I am going to make this as easy for you as possible. 
In week 3, we will be talking all things LinkedIn content! From the content types available on LinkedIn & best practices to which topics perform best on LinkedIn and why, I will help you figure out the best content to create for your brand. I will run you through the important questions to ask yourself before posting & what not to post.

After this week, you’ll never have to think, “What do I make content about?” – I’ll show you how I never run out of content ideas!

This is the #1 key to getting what you want on LinkedIn. Guess what? You can actually grow your influence on LinkedIn without posting any content! This is a HUGE deal and I will show you how it works.

LinkedIn really is the quality over quantity – In Week 4, I will show you how to attract & build an authentic community. We will cover the different ways to engage on LinkedIn (& best practices!), the algorithm, and how to approach this process strategically.

On top of the teaching modules, you’ll also be getting exclusive access to a members only Facebook group. Your network really is invaluable. Having a like-minded support system has been so valuable in my business that I wanted to make sure I provided a place for that kind of engagement. I’ll be jumping in with updates, answering questions and checking in on your progress, but this is a place where you can engage, connect & get insights from each other. The very people you are trying to reach on LinkedIn, might also be in this group, so use each other as a resource!

“You are leaving Money & Opportunity
on the table if you are not

building your brand on LinkedIn NOW

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