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The Perfect Pitch: Hollywood Insider Tips on How to Network with the A-List & Land Your Dream Guests with Christopher McDonald (Part 2)

This week is Part 2 of an incredibly actionable conversation with Christopher McDonald, a Talent Booker who has worked with everyone from high-profile billionaires to celebrities and has booked an array of top talent from the world of entertainment, sports, business, science, tech, and politics. If you haven’t listened to Part 1 yet, you should definitely check it out.

Christopher has booked, produced and written for an array of programming including late-night television, cable news, web series and comedy sketch shows, and has been there since Day 1 booking talent for Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory, which is where he and I met when I was working with Tom as a client at VaynerTalent.

In last week’s part 1 of the conversation, we talked about his background working in Hollywood—expectations vs. reality, how he booked the biggest entertainment industry names, and how it really works behind the scenes. He also gave valuable tips and insights on networking, including the biggest mistake people make, as well as strategies for booking your show and landing dream guests. We also got a behind-the-scenes look at the launch and growth strategies of Impact Theory. 

This week, in Part 2, we talk about all things pitching, and Christopher even shares the invaluable advice he got directly from Oprah herself on what standard she uses to book her own guests. This episode is definitely one you’ll want to take notes on!

On Ep. 155 – The Perfect Pitch with Christopher McDonald , we cover:

  • The A-to-Z of effective pitching: What to include, how long it should be, the tone you should take, and more
  • Tips for effectively getting your foot in the door (but not literally!)
  • Your one-sheet: What it is, why you need one, and what to include
  • The big no-nos to avoid: What will get your pitch rejected immediately
  • The one critical step you can’t skip in the pitching process
  • Factors you need to consider when booking your show
  • Handling rejection and why you shouldn’t take it personally, when to shoot your shot to book major guests, and more!


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