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#109 Three Keys to Unlocking Your Personal Brand Online & How to Find Confidence in Your Authentic Voice (Part 2)

Three Keys to Unlocking Your Personal Brand Online

In last week’s episode of Beyond Influential, I shared my philosophy on personal branding – why it’s important for everyone, the easiest platform to build brand on in 2020, my tips for building your personal brand effectively (and more!) in Part 1 of my interview from Heather Sager’s Finding Your It Factor podcast (in case you missed it, you can listen to it here).

As a refresher, Heather is a speaking coach dedicated to helping you develop a magnetic communication style and you might remember her from Beyond Influential #102 Top Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills to Grow Your Business.

If you enjoyed Part 1, we get way more personal about my personal brand in Part 2. We deep dive into the more mental aspects of personal branding, including an inside look into my experience with building my own brand and business, what I’ve learned in the process, and why I won’t let fear stand in my way. (And why you shouldn’t either!)

In Part 2, we cover: 

  • How & why I shifted my content consumption focus
  • Imposter syndrome and how to quiet the negative self-talk
  • The importance of clarity & self-awareness
  • How I gained confidence in my own voice & how you can embrace yours!
  • Recognizing when your fear is holding you back (and making yourself do it anyway!)
  • Stepping out of your ego – realizing that people aren’t actually paying that much attention to you (so it doesn’t matter too much if you don’t ace something)
  • Dealing with haters & recognizing your own triggers
  • Evaluating the quantity & quality of your content
  • How my honest & direct approach has impacted my business path & success and more!